Given that we rarely get a glimpse into the private lives of the AC-12 team in Line Of Duty, it doesn’t seem like the most likely show to reflect the dating lives of single people. 

However, it turns out there’s actually plenty of moments from the hit BBC cop drama that lend themselves only too well to memes about the true horror of online dating…. 

1. When your friends are done with you moaning about being single


2. When you open the apps and the standard isn’t what you were hoping for


3. And you honestly believe you might end up dying alone


4. But then you think back to all your exes and realise that might not be such a bad thing


5. When you get a match, but they don’t strike up a conversation 


6. When someone messages you just saying, “Hey”


7. But then you match with someone who is hot, funny and has great chat


8. And you finally pluck up the courage to ask them for a drink


9. Then begins a forensic deep dive into all of their social medias


10. When you catch sight of yourself in a mirror pre date and know you’re looking sexy AF


11. When you’re sat there trying to play it cool waiting for them to arrive


12. When you turn up and realise they don’t look quite like their pictures


13. When they start telling a really boring story


14. When you realise they’ve wanged on about themselves for over an hour and not asked you a single question  


15. And you have to sit there and pretend to be interested in their terrible chat


16. And you’re ready to text a mate to help you escape


17. But then they finally ask you to tell them something about yourself


18. And they turn on the charm


19. And the more wines you’ve had, they suddenly seem more and more attractive and you’re willing to completely ignore all the red flags waving in your face


20. When they suggest extending the night and heading to the nearest Spoons for a couple of Woo Woos


21. What you tell yourself when you know you probably shouldn’t sleep with them, but that dry spell has lasted a little too long


22. When you call your mate from your date’s bathroom to inform them of the terrible decision you are about to make


23. When they don’t get in touch with a post-date text like they said they would


24. When you call out their shitty behaviour and they clamber to find an excuse


25. When, once again, you swear off online dating forever


26. And you actually realise that you’re happy enough in your own company


27. When that fuckboi slides into your DMs months later when they’re after a dopamine hit


28. And you’re feeling empowered enough to tell them exactly where to go


29. When you realise that finding The One is going to be harder than AC-12 catching ‘H’


Line Of Duty airs on Sundays at 9pm on BBC One. 

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