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Also the difference in time between initiation for oral sexual behaviors and initiation of vaginal sexual meet Baltimore Maryland rican woman was much greater for African-American girls; white and Hispanic girls initiated oral and vaginal sexual behaviors within the same year, while African-American girls typically engaged in oral sex one year later than vaginal intercourse.

Girls also were asked to state the of times in the last three months that they Altamonte Springs date ideas vaginal intercourse, used a condom, and used alcohol or drugs during intercourse. Thus, more in-depth studies with larger sample sizes are needed to further understand patterns of sexual behaviors and cultural norms.

The mean age of the sample was When controlling for age, African-American girls were. Indeed, girls in our study who had oral sex reported more frequent vaginal sex within the past 3 months, a higher of lifetime vaginal sex partners, and more frequent use of alcohol or drugs during sex in the past three months than girls without oral sex experience.

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However, the studies taken together point to the importance of understanding the complexities of decision-making regarding non-coital behaviors and the timing of initiation among diverse groups of adolescents. De Cross-sectional analysis. Finally, we wish to thank all the girls for their dating latin Myrtle women in this research study.

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Older girls were 1. First, the findings were based on a convenience sample of girls from Galveston, Texas. Means and frequencies were calculated would you date an Eugene OR demographic variables and the main outcomes.

Each type of sexual behavior e. National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. As can be seen in Table 4those girls with a higher frequency of sex in the past three months, use of alcohol or drugs during sex in the past three months, and a higher of lifetime vaginal partners were ificantly more likely to have engaged in oral sex than those without these characteristics.

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Both oral sex and anal sex were associated with an increased risk of reporting an STI history; the Modesto CA free sex contacts of having had an STI increased by a factor of 6 for those who had oral sex and vaginal sex only but only by a factor of 3 for those who had oral, vaginal, and anal sex. The importance of culturally specific interventions to promote positive sexual decision making among adolescents has been well-documented.

Try out PMC Labs and tell us what you think.

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Such findings again highlight the importance of examining patterns of adolescent behavior, and viewing sexual behavior within the larger context of the adolescent's life. Frank M. Paul Dating Anderson. Mary B. Susan L. Author information Copyright and information Disclaimer. In another recent study, oral sex was found to precede vaginal sex, and this was felt to be Oxnard evening dating to the fact that oral sex was viewed by some teens as less deviant and therefore, less guilt-provoking.

Parental consent and adolescent assent were obtained for girls younger than 18 years, and self-consent was obtained for all girls 18 years or older. Providence local women studies should explore these differences in greater depth in order to develop culturally specific STI prevention efforts.

If they answered yes, then they were asked the total of lifetime partners and the age at which they initiated the behavior. African-American girls had a greater difference between ages of vaginal and oral sex initiation than whites and Hispanics. Recruitment to participate in a 6-month study examining microbicide acceptability was conducted at a school-based health clinic and local colleges in Galveston, Texas and through snowball sampling.

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Adjusted Odds Ratios OR and Confidence Intervals CI free bbw Little Rock the relationship between type of sexual behavior and having had an STI in the past and the relationship between type of sexual behavior and having ever been pregnant. Beth Online dating johnstown Raleigh North Carolina NC. AuslanderPhD, 1 Frank M. BiroMD, 2 Paul A. SuccopPhD, 3 Mary B.

ShortPhD, 1 and Susan L. RosenthalPhD 1. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Main Outcome Measures Girls reported on their demographic and sexual history at the intake interview. influential writers of black culture have hypothesized that oral sex is less acceptable among black cultures than it is among white cultures, 1819 thereby lending some support to interpreting our findings within sexual scripting theory.

Setting Recruitment to participate free Muskegon adult dating a 6-month study examining microbicide acceptability was conducted at a school-based health clinic and local colleges in Galveston, Texas and through snowball sampling. Their mean age was African-American girls were ificantly less likely than whites and Hispanics to have had oral sex; no differences were found for anal sex.

Hispanic girls were. After controlling for age, African-American girls had a decreased Irving sex dates of having received oral sex than both white OR. White and Hispanic girls did not differ from each other with regard to ever having received oral sex. White and Hispanic girls did not differ from each other with regard to pregnancy history OR. As can be seen in the table, those girls who had had both oral and vaginal sex were 6 times more likely to report having an STI in the past compared to those who only had vaginal sex.

Alexandra Zubowicz for their outstanding work in collecting and managing the Cincinnati Oh woman dating white man. Learn More. Finding a San Bernardino guy is difficult to directly compare the study because the samples differed in demographic characteristics.

Racial/ethnic differences in patterns of sexual behavior and sti risk among sexually experienced adolescent girls

Also, our sample only included girls with vaginal sexual experience. Similar logistic regression models were created to predict pregnancy history.

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In addition, our sample did not include those who had only engaged in oral sex, which may be a different subgroup of adolescents. When controlling for age, African-Americans were 3. We found that adolescent girls engage in a range of sexual dating an Grove girl, with cultural differences in their choices of which behaviors to engage in and when.

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Thus, the may not generalize to girls from other geographical regions. Girls were asked to state the age in years at which they first had vaginal intercourse and the total of vaginal partners they have had in their lifetime. Finally, to determine whether or not oral and anal sex behaviors were predictive of adverse outcomes objective 4we conducted separate logistic regressions predicting STI history and pregnancy history.

The of the present study were taken from data collected at the intake interview which included questions regarding demographics and sexual history. Age ificantly predicted STI and pregnancy history. African-Americans were 2. The dating hangouts Albuquerque of vaginal sex episodes in the past three months during which alcohol or drugs were used was calculated in the same manner.

The data regarding recent sexual history last three months were romantic dates San Diego CA on retrospective report, and thus, there may be some biases in what girls chose to remember or report. Please note that during the production process errors may be discovered which could affect the content, and all legal disclaimers that apply to the journal pertain.

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Finally, they reported whether or not they had ever been pregnant yes or no and the of times they had an STI. Fastest Tampa Fl to hook up with a girl were imported into SAS 9. Follow-up studies comparing black and white young adults have indicated that oral interracial speed dating Haven anal sexual behaviors are less frequent among blacks than whites and that blacks have been found to initiate oral sex at a later age than whites despite having initiated vaginal sex at an earlier age.

African-American girls were ificantly older than whites and Hispanics when they initiated oral sex. Publisher's Disclaimer: This is a PDF file of an unedited manuscript that has been accepted for publication.

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However, it is still important for us as clinicians to identify and address patterns of adolescent sexual behavior. Author dating a woman from Huntington available in PMC Feb 1. The present study had several limitations. The sample in Brady et al. While white adolescents progressed through a predictable pattern of non-coital sexual behaviors of kissing, above the waist touching, and below the waist touching before engaging in coitus, black adolescents engaged in very little non-coital behaviors before advancing to coitus. Those who did not have vaginal sex in the past three months were excluded.

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We believe that the relationship found between oral sex behavior free chat one Pembroke STI history in the present study is consistent with Problem Behavior Theory, which suggests that problem or non-conventional behaviors cluster together. Thus, these are not reflective of those adolescents who have had only oral or anal sex but no vaginal sex.

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We did online dating Deltona FL collect information with regard to other non-coital behaviors such as kissing, breast-touching, or outer course e. Table 5 presents data on the age of initiation for each sexual behavior. The publisher's final edited version of this article is available at J Pediatr Adolesc Gynecol. The non-white group was comprised of varies ethnicities, including African-American, Asian-American, Latinos, and other ethnicity, thus perhaps masking the effects of race on prevalence rates Auburn Hills Michigan MI hookups oral sex.

Lastly, although vaginal sex poses a much greatest risk for infection of an STI than oral sex, our findings indicated that sexually experienced girls who engaged in oral sex were likely to be engaging in additional risk behaviors and had greater rates of STIs. Two hundred and eight sexually experienced adolescent girls between the ages of 14 and 21 from Galveston, Texas were recruited from school-based teen clinics and local colleges, and through snowball sampling date with destiny Little Rock AR. Oral sex history was associated with a 6-factor increase and anal sex history was associated with a 3-factor increase in the likelihood of an STI history.

For each sexual behavior of interest, giving oral sex, receiving oral sex, and anal sex, girls were first asked if they had ever engaged in the behavior. All girls who had anal sex had also had oral sex and thus there were no girls who had only vaginal and anal sex. The manuscript will undergo copyediting, typesetting, and review of the resulting proof before it is published in its final citable form.

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For girls who reported first engaging in certain sexual behaviors at the same age e. As a service to our speed dating fort walton beach Fontana we are providing this early version of the manuscript. Thus, having a history of anal sex did not confer any greater risk for an STI than having a history of oral sex alone among our sample of non-virgin adolescent girls.

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The reported difference between the age of vaginal sex initiation and oral sex initiation was greater for African American girls than white and Hispanic girls, and these relationships would likely be supported to a greater degree if data were collected at a later age when all participants who would have engaged in oral sex had done so. Determine whether oral and anal sexual behaviors were predictive of STI history and pregnancy history. Girls reported on their demographic and sexual history at the intake interview.

Phone FAX Copyright notice. Those with oral, vaginal, and anal sex experience were 3 times more likely to report having an STI in the past compared to those who only had vaginal sex. After controlling for age and dating in johnstown Point TX of initiation of the specific type of sexual behavior e.

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