The group treating Alexey Navalny has managed to stabilize his condition, a lead medic has stated. Dr Anatoly Kalinichenko stated Russia’s best-known anti-corruption activist was in intensive care and getting the essential therapy.

The doctor also stated there are no plans to transfer Navalny to Moscow. His fans have asked that be transferred to Germany or even France so he can be admitted to a specialist clinic. Before, President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “if the Kremlin or the Russian Health Ministry received a petition for Navalny’s transfer to a foreign hospital, it could be considered immediately.

“Thus far, we’ve held a few telemedical consultations with our nation ’s top specialists, who can provide consultations regarding the individual,” Dr Kalinichenko told reporters on Thursday evening. “All of them believe that all therapy and diagnostical attempts are conducted properly and to a complete extent. The fact that we’ve been able to stabilize him, to receive the current clinical picture, gives cause for cautious optimism regarding his condition.”

According to Dr Kalinichenko, the specialists ruled out that Navalny may have experienced a heart attack, a stroke or he contracted coronavirus. “there’s no data about traumatic injuries, such as traumatic brain injury,” he detailed. “there’s no evidence of stroke or acute myocardial infarction… we didn’t find any covid infections. ” The regional Ministry of Health also stated that the activist does not have cerebral edema.

Meanwhile, Peskov has vowed that authorities will start an investigation if it emerges the Moscow protest leader was poisoned. The announcement came as S7 airlines revealed the activist did not eat or drink anything on board his scheduled trip from Siberia to the capital.

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FILE PHOTO: Alexey Navalny
‘Navalny’s condition is stable, but his life is at risk and we are working to rescue it’ — doctor treating Moscow protest pioneer

“First, we need to wait for the final test results which will help physicians determine what happened, what caused this situation, what triggered [Navalny] to lose awareness,” that the spokesman clarified. “After that, if an poisoning took place, if there are corresponding statements or, if the law enforcement makes other decisions, there’ll be an investigation.

The Kremlin press secretary refused to comment on reports of many police coming at the hospital where Navalny is currently receiving treatment. When asked if Putin was informed of the incident, Peskov noted that “the general situation described in the media… is available to absolutely everybody, it is available to the Russian leader as well, through networking testimonials he receives on a regular basis. ” Peskov noted that the problem is transparent, as “physicians regularly inform people of what they are doing, of the condition that the individual is in.

When asked if the Kremlin believes the problem with Navalny’s possible poisoning a special case because of the critical attitude of the opposition fighter to the present government, Peskov said that “the present government has several critics. ” He added that “of course, if the life of a Russian citizen is under threat, the situation is severe. Both physicians and law enforcement treat all citizens equally seriously.

“The physicians are doing everything that has to be done, the best doctors in Omsk are participated,” Peskov pointed out, adding that, based on media reports, Omsk medical workers “are employing telemedicine techniques and holding consultations with specialists from Moscow.

The press service of the regional health ministry department stated that Navalny is now in a pure coma, according to news agency TASS. “Currently, the individual is in a pure coma, he’s still on a artificial lung ventilation machine,” it stated.

In accordance with Yarmysh, Navalny just drank tea in the afternoon. She claimed he may have been poisoned. 

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