After an intriguing first episode, this week’s Finding Alice focussed on the emotional impact of Harry’s death, as Alice sought to say goodbye to her husband in a way she believed he would have wanted. 

And while both sides of her family had plenty to say about her decision to bury him in the back garden, what they are still realise is there’s another family member they are yet to meet – Harry’s secret son, George, who turned up unannounced on Alice’s doorstep. 

She might now be keeping one of late husband’s secrets herself, but we still have some questions about this “George”, and plenty more besides…

Alice (right) and Charlotte laid Harry to rest

Did Harry know he had a son before George found out he was his father?

George told Alice and Charlotte that he’d not long known Harry was his father. However, if it transpired that Harry actually had had prior knowledge of his existence but did nothing to make George part of his life, it would certainly give George motive for wanting revenge on his absent father.  

Was George really “in a state” about Harry’s death?

He didn’t exactly sound convincing on the phone to Alice when he said he was in “a state” about his father’s death. Does that mean he’s lying and therefore could be the one who saw Harry fall down the stairs and left him for dead?

Is George legit?

Given we know Harry was in financial trouble prior to his death, making up a long lost family member would certainly be a way for Harry’s creditors to try and extort money out of his estate. Are they using “George” for this purpose? 

Although, we should find out soon if George is real or not, when Alice goes ahead with a DNA test. 

Harry was buried in the back garden after Alice threw a home memorial

What kind of builder agreed to put such an ugly banister on such a lovely staircase?

Not to get all Sarah Beeny, but seriously.

How many other secrets does Harry have?

Alice’s words to her dead husband certainly seemed foreboding, so it seems likely she’s about to find more skeletons in her late husband’s closet…

Will Nathan face repercussions for releasing Harry’s body to Alice?

It felt strange that Nathan was willing to go out on such a limb for Alice and risk his job for someone he’d only just met. Which suggests that – as we noted last week – there’s a potential romance on the cards for them. 

Nathan risked his whole career to ensure Alice got her wish – will he regret it?

Is a real thing?

You might have thought Alice was making a sarcastic joke when she said she’d been searching for Harry’s casket, but we can confirm the site is actually a legitimate business and not just a play on the name Compare The Market.  

Is Alice no longer a suspect?

After the police had reviewed the CCTV footage, they were obviously very interested in speaking to the mystery figure who was at the bottom of the stairs when Harry fell to his death.

However, we still don’t know exactly what caused Harry to fall in the first place, but with the police pursuing this new line of investigation, does that mean we should no longer suspect Alice of pushing her husband?

Finding Alice continues next Sunday at 9pm on ITV. 

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