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Joe needs to understand that most people reflect back to them the attitude that they give them! For us: "We are the unwilling led by the unqualified to do the unnecessary for the ungrateful. Think here of William Westmoreland and his "oil spot" theory in Then think of the Tet Offensive in and losing the war. So what do you think they are really covering up, besides you know, lying us into a war?

Downey : Howard Kurtz smears and libels his colleagues in the media. Is he implicated in anything here? After the release of its initial findings in Julythe committee's Republican chairman, Pat Roberts, promised that a Phase 2 to determine whether the White House had misled the public would arrive after the presidential election. If his speed dating Indiana ma were better, he would be better able to help his junior officers become better officers and to help them be more sensitive to their enlisted men.

And will CNN Lancaster PA woman dating a man him back? Not all officers are political, as not all enlisted are cynical about serving under junior officers! Get as mean as you want, bub.

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Olson also misled Congress about his role in it. I worked my way up from E-1 through the enlisted ranks and then up through the Warrant Officer Ranks.

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Respect has to flow both ways, up and down the chain of command. And what else are Cheney and Libby covering up together? I've been reading a bit of Major Bob's Jacksonville Florida FL dating agencys spin and find it usually within the prescribed government talking points on any given day.

They lied the country into war.

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Is it mere coincidence that Novak happens to share the same conflict-of-interest in which Kurtz indulges as well? Today, I have just read Sgt. Joe's letter concerning saluting officers. But the gripe system doesn't date spots in Lafayette LA only to those with a commission.

Olson had claimed, "It has been alleged that I was somehow involved in that so-called project; I was not involved in the project, in its origin or its management. Can you believe the Post still lets him publish? Have a nice day!

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And both, before they are fired, ought to apologize to their colleagues. Remember Olson? Alito also dissented from a ruling by the Third Circuit that Congress has the power under the Commerce Clause to restrict the transfer and possession of machine guns at gun shows. When will the Post fire Novak? Dowd and every one of them nice. I believe that entitles me to an opinion.

I am sorry that Sgt. Joe has had such a bad relationship with his officers that he is sour toward them. It's childish, asian Greensboro NC dating it's there. I think even Major Bob has gotten around -- after several years -- to noticing the same end-of-quagmire revolving door phenomenon. Did you threaten him with slammer time before he sang? Can we get him for that? Why did it take five weeks for Pat Tillman's parents to be told that their son had been killed by speed dating in Macon fire, and who ordered up the fake story of his death that was sold relentlessly on TV before then?

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Alito wants government to be able to interfere in personal decisions on reproductive rights. According to Gonzales, lawyers at Justice said it would be fine to wait. How do W and Karl plan to thank Judy for their chance to ruin the country best free dating Detroit Michigan four more years,?

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In Vietnam, we had slogans for us and for them and their idiot brethren back home who sent us on that deadly fool's errand. If our current crop of brilliant losers had run the Normandy operation, our troops would now find themselves facing their third year-long deployment back to the same bloody beachhead. Let me refresh your memory. Brock writes of Olson that "while he believed, as [independent counsel Kenneth] Starr apparently did, that Foster had committed suicide, raising questions was a way of turning i Columbia looking for a man the heat on the administration until another scandal was shaken loose, which was the Spectator's mission.

He also writes,Comey told reporters on Dec. Details of their conversations have not been made public, and it is not known dating asian girls in Tallahassee FL initiated them.

Cheney and Mr. Libby had refused to provide the committee with "crucial documents," including the Libby-written passages in early drafts of Colin Powell's notorious presentation of W. Why does Halliburton continue to receive lucrative government contracts even after it's been the focus of multiple federal inquiries into accusations of bid-rigging, overcharging and fraud?

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You think Ken is jealous? Dear Mr. Fitzgerald,Thanks for all your hard work in catching that pathological liar Irving L. It was Cheney, the indictment states, who supplied Libby the detail "that Wilson's wife worked Libby consulted with Mr. Cheney about how to handle inquiries from journalists about the vice president's role in sending Mr. Wilson to Africa in early to investigate reports that Iraq was trying acquire nuclear material there for its weapons program, the free Jacksonville Florida boys said.

I completely support his take on senior officers for whom we enlisted men in Vietnam didn't care that much, either. It's a given. I felt like replying: "Yeah, but D-Day only lasted a day, not three years. Respect and common courtesy are the key words involved in this! Monday, Sept. A salute is a symbol of respect, just as Major Bob said!

Any truth to the rumor that Bush is going to appoint Libby to the Supreme Court? The obstruction of his inquiry, he said, white women dating black men College Station us from making the fine judgments we want to make. Fitzgerald described the question as unanswerable so far.

The cautiousness and professionalism of Lawrence Fitzgerald, ironically, appears to be standing in the way of our knowing just how far the Bush administration criminal conspiracy to lie us into war and then protect those lies reaches. If he ever said anything close to the awful truth, he'd probably have to face a courts martial like critical enlisted bloggers do. Will Judy be appointed to the Supreme Court? Has anybody pled guilty yet? He testified under oath that Olson had been far more deeply involved in the project than his testimony had indicated.

I once wrote the guy -- back when far fewer of our troops had died in Iraq -- asking him how many of his men a general gets to lose before losing his Binghamton dane free to good home job. Both men report simultaneously for the Post and CNN.

Both ought to be free phone chat line Raleigh Nc. Then think of Nixon and Kissinger stretching out the whole pointless agony for another seven years just to cover their own sorry political asses for royally screwing the pooch as bad as Lyndon Johnson. Is he being investigated for this.

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Gonzales, now attorney general, has said he alerted Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. But he did not tell anyone else -- or instruct White House employees to preserve all evidence -- until the following morning.

Frank Rich writes, ,The other investigation into prewar intelligence, by the Senate Intelligence Committee, is a scandal in its own right. One military tradition as time-honored as the salute is enlisted folks grumbling about officers. I'm sure if Joe has soldiers in his rock dating Riverside CA, they piss and moan about him as well.

Junior Officers come into the services without experience, and require senior enlisted men to use their experience to help them, even to train them.

The cover-up continues

Was Gonzales also complicit in the cover-up? At any rate, while we enlisted men had to serve complete year tours I even served another half of one most officers came and went on their ticket-punching rounds so fast we could never keep up with which one of the know-nothings wanted to get more of Evansville online dating services killed the same way on the same street as the last know-nothing did. Sincerely,Eric Alterman[]. What about Stephen Hadley?

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Are Grove dates ideas acting all responsible and un-leaky to show all those right-wingers how a real prosecutor behaves? Despite the widening hole in his credibility, Olson was narrowly confirmed in the Senate.

Did he lie that whole time too, or was he in on it and copped a plea? Everyone else contacted by the administration refused it and behaved in this instance, quite honorably. Think here of General David "stand 'em up" Petraeus bailing out of Iraq while he still had a career left. Bart Gellman, writes,It may never be clear what drove Libby, the most cautious of Washington insiders, to take such risks, ostensibly to protect the administration. Did he order up those Niger forgeries from the Italian Secret Service? Why bother, now that Iraq chat dating Atlantic City NJ Afghanistan look more and more every day like the same bloody patch of irrelevant sand?

Gonzales at about 8 p.