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The Matrix co-director Lilly Wachowski has confirmed what many fans had speculated on for some time: that the movie is in fact a trans allegory.

Lilly, who came out as trans in 2016, said: ‘I’m glad that it offers gotten out that was the original intention. The corporate world wasn’t ready for it. ’

Here’ s a closer look at what Lilly else said on how the allegory presents itself in the film.

How is The particular Matrix a trans allegory?

In an interview with Netflix , Lilly also spoke about the character Switch, played by Belinda McClory, who was originally intended to present a man in the ‘ real’ world, and a woman in the Matrix.

She stated that Switch’ s planned duality mirrored both her own mindset in the time and that of her sister Lana, who is also trans.

She said: ‘ The Matrix stuff was all like about the desire for transformation, but it as all coming from a closeted point associated with view.

‘ So we had the character of Switch, who was a character would be a man in the real world and then the woman in The Matrix. That’s where our headspaces were. ’

When asked if her identity informed her writing and directing associated with the film, Lilly said: ‘ ” I don’ t know how present my transness” was in the background of my brain as we were writing it. But it all came from the same sort of fire that I’ m talking about.

‘ Because trans people exist – especially for me and Lana, we were existing in this space where the words didn’ t exist so we were always living within this world of imagination. That’ s why I gravitated towards science fiction and fantasy and played Dungeons and Dragons. It was all about creating worlds.

‘ I think it freed us up as filmmakers because we were able to imagine stuff from that time that you didn’ t necessarily see on screen. ’

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