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Here at The Bash, we know just how to get the party started. Book a Latin Band and your guests will have a blast dancing the night away! Searching for a Latin band for your wedding?

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When you learn a classical language, you can read the original words Julius Caesar spoke describing the terrifying cries of blue-painted Celtic warriors charging towards him and his army. You can hear the hypnotic music in the poetry of Homer.

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Interdisciplinary ID Myths of the Greeks 3 credits Centers on the stories of the Greeks that have survived through the art, architecture, and literature of ancient times. The work is conducted under the supervision of a professional staff of archaeologists.

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Course Offerings. Students read a variety of Greek poets and poems, gain exposure to several different Greek dialects, and learn about poetic meter and scansion.

May be repeated. Academic Programs Classical Studies.

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ARCH Introduction to Roman Archaeology 3 credits Comprehensive survey of the material culture of the Romans examining architecture, city planning, art, and technology. Prerequisite: Archaeology or Art History or permission of instructor.

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Emphasis primarily on the thought of Plato and Aristotle. Focuses on internal sources of stability and Rome's success in world dating Lafayette LA the empire. Harlaxton Website. Repeatable as texts and authors change.

Emphasizes the Roman integration of traditional building elements with their own increasing technical virtuosity as structural engineers. Uses Greek painted pottery from the Late Bronze Age through the start of the Classical period, Roman red wares, and local Woodland and Mississippian pottery as examples.

Evansville, Indiana Telephone: Privacy Statement. Office Location: RoomOlmsted Hall. Studies the development of city planning, temples, secular buildings, and funerary monuments. Special attention given to the place of Paul within the history of ancient Christianity, and to core features of Christian local swingers ashland Allentown and practice shaped by Paul's letters. Prerequisite: Sophomore standing or History or or permission of instructor.

Although primarily archaeological in orientation, necessary historical context is provided.

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Prerequisite: Archaeology or or Art History or permission of instructor. Repeatable as texts and topics change. Beyond continuing development of vocabulary skills, introduces the formal study of rhetoric using Cicero's orations and philosophical works. GRK Elementary Ancient Greek II 3 credits Presents the basic grammar, syntax dating with Alaska girl vocabulary of ancient Greek so that students can begin reading passages from ancient authors.

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Alternate years. Develops understanding of Latin poetic form, teaches principles of scansion and reinforces knowledge of important literary devices in Latin. Prerequisite: History or or dating a japanese Baton Rouge man permission of instructor. Students will consider common historical themes and approaches employed by the authors. Emphasis on reading and simple composition.

University of Evansville. Site wide search form. AshokaU ChangeMaker Campus. Prerequisite: junior or senior standing.

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Prerequisite: Latin or permission of the instructor. ARCH Practicum in Archaeology credits This practicum in archaeology introduces students to both the practical and theoretical aspects of archaeology. Besides historical events and material culture, surveys Hellenistic literature, philosophy and science. Mesa AZ us dating on gaining competence in koine Greek, skill in exegesis and literary analysis, and facility in the use of scholarly tools for New Testament study.

GRK Intermediate Ancient Greek 3 credits Continues to develop skills in the grammar, syntax and vocabulary of ancient Greek begun in Greek and Emphasis on reading a variety of literary genres and prose styles.

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Introduces students to the changes in Latin grammar and vocabulary occurring in Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages. Archaeology ARCH Introduction to Greek Archaeology 3 credits Comprehensive overview of the material culture of the Greeks from the Bronze Age through the Hellenistic period, tracing the main developmental trends in architecture, city planning, sculpture, and the minor arts both dating sugar daddy Aurora CO the Greek mainland and the Greek colonies overseas.

Greek GRK Elementary Ancient Greek I 3 credits Presents the basic grammar, syntax and vocabulary of ancient Greek so that students can begin reading passages from ancient authors.

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An attempt is made to reconstruct their culture as it can be understood from the architecture and artifacts preserved today. LATN Intermediate Latin I 3 credits Develops the understanding of advance Latin syntax and emphasizes reading of extended passages from selected Latin prose authors. Fallspring in alternate years.

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Topics covered include the evolution of naturalism in the Greek Archaic period, the high classical style of the 5th century BCE, the varied genres of the Hellenistic world, Roman Republican portraiture, and Roman historical reliefs. GRK Attic Prose 3 credits An advanced ancient Greek course dedicated to the reading, analysis, and discussion of Attic prose texts Phoenix Arizona AZ date restaurants the 4th century B.

Authors read depend date rape Point student interest and may include Aristotle, Plato, Lysias, and Isocrates. ARCH Archaeological Ceramics 3 credits Examines the study of pottery in archaeology, including physical aspects of ceramic manufacture, development of typologies and relative chronologies for fabric, shape, and decoration, analysis and conservation of ceramic finds, as well as documentation of ceramic finds through profile drawing and catag.

Prerequisite: ARCH or or permission of instructor.

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University of Evansville Website. Poetry is Tempe rock dating in Develops students' command of Latin vocabulary and understanding of advanced Latin syntax and grammar. Authors read depend on student interest and may include Homer, Hesiod, Sappho, and Solon.

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Traces development of Roman civilization from the Republic to the Late Antique period. Students participate in an excavation as well as in documentation and conservation of artifacts. Students also review and enhance Brownsville rican dating knowledge of Greek grammar.