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Minnesota’s governor, Tim Walz, has sent a letter urging the Trump and Biden campaigns to abide by the state’s guidelines for slowing the spread of the coronavirus when the candidates visit the state on Friday, the AP reports.

The Trump campaign has openly defied state emergency orders and flouting his own administration’s guidelines in battleground state rallies. Trump has an airport rally scheduled for Friday in the north-central Minnesota city of Bemidji. Biden’s campaign hasn’t announced its plans yet.

To comply with the relevant guidelines, your events generally must not exceed 25% capacity, not to exceed 250 people. You may be able to increase total attendance if you choose a venue with multiple event spaces with separate capacity limits, as long as you limit each separate space to the lesser of 250 people or 25% capacity. Attendees must maintain social distancing of at least six feet at all times, including when entering and exiting the event.”

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The Trump campaign has continued to push unsubstantiated claims accusing Joe Biden of taking performance enhancing drugs, this time with a highly misleading tweet.

After Trump, without any evidence, accused Biden of taking drugs in a Fox News interview on Sunday, the campaign has continued to spread similar misinformation.

WATCH: Joe Biden does NOT deny he is taking performance enhancing drugs pic.twitter.com/CBB0v93Bzw

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