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Sex crime charges in Tennessee are pursued aggressively by the prosecution. Sex crimes in Jackson are charged as felony offenses.

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The flaw was that statute Hindman was charged under required that the "victim" had to be an actual child, not an adult posing as. He brought a teddy bear with Cary NC blossom dating services, just as the PeeJ decoy requested, Graves said. Recent Comments see recent 25 ยป. Comments Use the comment form below to begin a discussion about this content. His attorney, Cynthia Stewart of Madison, however, is requesting non-adjudication of the case, and, according to the sheriff's office, he will plea "nolo contedere" or "no contest.

Most people would not be able to read much of it without being profoundly embarrassed or sickened. With no sex-crime record, Hindman, son of a prominent Jackson family, does not have to register as a sex offender. Stewart did not return calls, and Peterson would not comment on the Pillow case. Thanks for anything you can do to empower our journalism! How old i Columbus looking for a woman to date you?

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In asian dating Honolulu sting worthy of reality television, the Hinds County Sheriff's Juvenile Justice Division carried out surveillance on several chats originating in and around Hinds County in July The division's officers worked with Portland, Ore. PeeJ volunteers, representing themselves as minor girls 11 to 14 years old, chat online with the express purpose of finding and exposing predators who use the Internet to find underage victims.

There was never a question that the deputies had the right man.

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Asked why her office reduced the charge against Hindman, District Attorney Faye Peterson indicated that the law itself was insufficient to convict Hindman of the original charge. The news business has Cincinnati dating scams on the internet dramatically in the past year, and we need your help more than ever to keep bringing you important stories about Jackson and the Metro.

For Hindman, at least, it wasn't the first time he showed up in an Internet sex crimes sting.

Then the free streaming Phoenix Az conversation deteriorates into one so sexually explicit that only a porn rag would attempt to print it. Nobody would go near someone who looked like that in a park or a playground or around a school; they'd be arrested. Prowling for Sex. By Ronni Mott Wednesday, November 7, p.

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In the case turned over to Greene County, chatter Justin Shaffer did not want to come to the house. Deputies arrested him a few blocks away. Glaze said he found it difficult to believe that the 12 men they arrested had never before attempted to meet with underage victims.

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In Hinds County, Perverted Justice did all of the computer work, then turned the transcripts over to the district attorney's office and the sheriff's Juvenile Justice group, who sorted through them together, weeding out marginal cases. It is easy to see how a young girl might think the attention is flattering and innocent: It's just a chat. Then the questions get more personal: What color are your eyes? Most of our chats were not ending in Mississippi. Hattiesburg date Irving woman attempted to get him to come to Hattiesburg on their sting prior to the Hinds County sting, but Hindman would not come, Glaze said.

There is feigned surprise, along the lines of, "Wow, Online dating girls in Newport shouldn't be talking to you. Originally charged with felony child exploitation, Hindman eventually pled guilty to cyber stalking, a felony that is not a sexual crime, and is currently on five years' probation.

The Legislature has since amended the statute to correct the flaw, Peterson said, but Hindman was arrested under theflawed law. Instead, he instructed the girl to come to a church, where he showed up in a minivan, Graves said. The chat begins innocently enough, with the man asking easiest Atlanta Ga to meet women girl's name.

Although not all sex offenders are pedophiles, sexual crimes against children are the majority.

They were ending in other states. Henry Glaze, head of the division. Then he asks what her hobbies are and tells her she's pretty or sexy. Hindman gave his consent to have his computer searched, and actually accompanied Sgt. Latasha Holmes and another deputy to his home.

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After an arrest, deputies went to the offender's homes to collect other evidence, including their computers, which they turned over to the attorney general's Cyber-Crime unit. Of the 12 arrests made, Glaze turned most of them over to other counties: Four went to To meet someone in Oakland, one to Madison and another to Greene County. Hinds County indicted Pillow on child exploitation charges, and he is awaiting trial. The volunteers then arranged meetings with the most "promising" hard-core offenders.

Pillow could be another sexual predator who will not be a registered sex offender. The sheriff's office subsequently learned that he'd ly served time for murder, that he was a suspect in a series of rapes, and that child pornography and online dating Greensboro 18 had been found in his home.

Congress St. Jackson Free Press Jump to content. If someone gets a chance, check donations to Haley's PAC, etc. The plan was to arrest the offenders when they showed up at the prearranged site, a house at the end of a dead-end street in Byram. User agreement and privacy statement.

Top Stories. Haley Barbour just gave this guy a full pardon. One of the men caught in the sting, year-old Douglas Hindman of Jackson, attempted to flee the house when he spotted a deputy outside. Flirt New Philadelphia minute they walked in the door, someone from the Juvenile Justice division was there to arrest them, said Capt.

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The map to the Byram house was on his computer. David Pillow of Madison, 28, also came to the house. To date, three avid dating life Olympia WA are pending forensic assessment from the cyber-crime unit, and two remain in Hinds County. But you can hide on the Internet and you can do this kind of thing. CST Upvote 0.