Lena Dunham has detailed her excruciating experience with coronavirus.

The Girls celebrity and founder revealed she fell sick with Covid-19 in mid-March, telling of the way her body “simply revolted” after contracting the virus. 

The US celebrity explained how she suffers from a chronic illness which affects the joints and skin, and said she was initially not able to differentiate the pain from her existing illness.

Lena Dunham 

But, Lena said the pain was shortly joined by an “hopeless, crushing fatigue”, as well as a fever.

“Unexpectedly my body simply… revolted,” she wrote in a lengthy post on Instagram. “The nerves in my feet muscles and burnt wouldn’t appear to do their job. My hands were numb. I couldn’t withstand loud noises.

“I couldn’t sleep but I couldn’t wake up. I lost my sense of taste and odor. A hacking cough, like a metronome keeping time. Inability to breathe after simple tasks like getting a glass of water. Random red rashes.

It felt like I was a complex machine which had been unplugged and subsequently had my cables rerouted into the wrong inputs. This went on for 21 days hellip; that mixed together like a rave gone wrong. ”

Lena said she was blessed to have a doctor on hand to offer regular advice, meaning she never had to go to hospital. She was made to isolate, describing the experience as intensely lonely.

After a month, Lena stated she tested negative for Covid-19 however, the symptoms did not fade.

Her hands and feet were swollen, she suffered from severe fatigue and a continuous migraine. Her arthritis flared and she had “weirder symptoms that I’ll keep to myself”.

Lena said she had been unwilling to speak out and did not need to “unnecessarily add my voice into a noisy landscape on such a challenging topic”, but felt forced to do so after “viewing that the carelessness with which so many in the United States are treating social distancing, jogging without masks and parties on Instagram”. 

She urged people to ldquo;take the appropriate measures to safeguard yourself and your neighbours”.

Lena is the latest famous name to speak out about her encounter with the virus, together with the likes of Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson and Idris Elba having previously contracted Covid-19. 

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