While many people have been indulging in a bit of festiveness two months before Christmas, it seems that is too early for even the Queen of Christmas herself Mariah Carey

The singer has settled the argument once and for all by declaring it is premature to be listening to her festive smash, All I Want For Christmas Is You. 

On Thursday, one Mariah fan tweeted a graph from Google Trends that shows how people are already searching for her song on the internet. 

The Queen Of Christmas Mariah Carey

“It’s happening,” @MikeNicolella excitedly wrote. 

But Mariah was having none of it, sharing the tweet with the caption: “Not yet.”

While we’d personally forgive anyone for needing to listen to All I Want For Christmas right now (because, ya know, 2020), Mariah’s hesitation might have something to do with how she usually likes to kick off the festive season on 1 November. 

Last year, Mariah uploaded a suitably ridiculous video on social media heralding the official start of Christmas.

In the clip, Mariah is seen going to sleep – in full make-up, of course – at 11.59pm on 31 October, only to be woken up a minute later to a phone call from Santa himself, sporting new hair and some festive pyjamas with her own face on them.

“Santa!” Mariah then excitedly declared down the phone. “It’s tiiiiiiime!”

With only two days to go, we can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve for 2020. 

Last year saw All I Want For Christmas Is You turn the grand old age of 25, with it also hitting number one in the US for the first time ever. 

Meanwhile, Mariah has also got fans speculating she has a new festive hit lined-up after tweeting a curious picture last month.

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