The Polish commission to re-investigate the crash of the Tu-154 airliner of Polish President Lech Kaczynski asserts that the TNT, the explosion of which allegedly caused the crash, had been put on board the  throughout its fixes in Russia.The Tu-154 plane crashed on April 10, 2010 while landing at the airport of Smolensk, Russia. There were 96 people on board: 88 passengers and eight crew members. They were flying into Russia to take part in memorial events in Katyn, in which in 1940 thousands of Polish prisoners of war have been murdered. The crash left no survivors. In 2011, the Interstate Aviation Committee released the final report of the outcomes of the technical evaluation, based on which the key cause of the crash has been that the decision of the crew to not depart to another airfield. Deficiencies in flight support and crew training were called as secondary reasons that led to the tragedy that killed almost the entire Polish government. The very first Polish commission, led by former Interior Minister Jerzy Miller, came to similar conclusions. According to the decisions of Miller’s commission, the airliner crashed because it descended below the allowed minimum despite thick fog. The report also pointed out the”mistakes” of Russian dispatchers at the Smolensk airport. However, the Polish authorities did not agree with the IAC report or the decisions of the Miller Commission and made a decision to establish a second commission to continue the analysis. The new commission led by former Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macherewicz released an interim report Friday, July 31, summarising many years of its job. The report says that the plane crashed because of two explosions from the left wing and in the middle portion of the plane. The character of the harm caused by the aircraft and the scattering of its debris, as well as the nature of the injuries sustained by the people on board, establish the explosions, the Wiadomosci novel said.
Many bodies have been ripped into pieces 74 percent of the bodies were completely or partially deprived of their clothes, like they were subjected to a blast wave. As many as 47% of those bodies were badly burnt. To crown it all, many of the victims had foreign objects in their own bodies – fragments of aircraft leasing , glass and even steel constructions. According to the Polish edition, the initial explosion destroyed the left wing of the aircraft. Then a second bomb went off planted next to the so-called”general’s compartment” in the middle region of the liner. This was the next explosion that supposedly killed all of the high-ranking passengers within the compartment of the airplane.Polish pros deny that the version about the collision with the floor, having promised their extensive evidential base, including innumerable experiments and analyses contradict to such edition.  The report also states that Russian researchers took measures to hide the true reasons for the plane crash.The Polish commission asserts that the presence of traces of explosives on board – TNT, pentrite and RDX (hexogen) – has been supported by specialists of US and British labs in which the analyses were carried out. It had been noted that traces of explosives were found in the samples that were taken from parts of the aircraft that Russian technicians had replaced throughout the repairs of Tu-154 N 101 (Kaczynski’s aircraft carrier ) and Tu-154 N 102 (another Polish-owned aircraft carrier ) in 2009. “In this circumstance, a lab in Oregon (USA) demonstrated the presence of TNT. It must be noted that it was a part no one had mended before, except for repairmen, also traces of TNT were found inside it,” the report from the Polish commission states. Continue reading


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