You know what, it has been a bit of ‘A Week’ hasn’t it? Which is exactly why we’re thankful to Countdown for delivering a Friday treat. 

The Channel 4 quiz show helped raise a few smiles this afternoon, when this happened…

Rachel Riley’s face said it all when comedian Shappi Khorsandi suggested “blowie” as a solution to one of the anagrams. 

The two contestants could only come up with two five-letter answers – “bowel” and “whale” – but Shappi managed to go one better with her six-letter answer. 

While she could barely stifle her giggles as she revealed her answer to host Nick Hewer, she insisted it was more innocent than it seemed. 

“It’s a fly,” she insisted. “A kind of fly.”

Dictionary Corner’s Susie Dent corroborated her answer, revealing that a blowie is in fact a blow fly. 

So, there you are. 

Of course, it’s far from the first time Countdown has had a saucy moment over the years – take a look at some of its rudest words in the gallery below…


Countdown airs weekdays at 2.15pm on Channel 4. 

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