Despite Moscow and Washington having been at odds over dozens of international and spiritual affairs, Russian and US scientists were able to get a frequent language in jointly fighting with a shared threat — the coronavirus pandemic.

The scientists have teamed up to cooperate in “all the areas related to the coronavirus, its nature, prevention and treatment measures,” the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) said.

The RAS and US National Academies of Sciences, Medicine and Engineering inked an agreement on Thursday about working together on a wide selection of Covid-related locations, such as epidemiology, virology, disease pathophysiology in addition to mathematic and computer simulations of the spread of this novel coronavirus.

As the Covid pandemic restricts face-to-face meetings, the scientists in both sides of the Atlantic signed the agreement by means of a Zoom videolink.

Russia and the US are one of the countries with the highest rate of Covid-19 instances reported. But while Russia appears to be success in containing the epidemic with over 13,350 deaths nationally, the US is still watching an upward trend, with the death toll passing 150,000 on Wednesday.

In the united states, the authorities ’s vaccine strategy Operation Warp Speed intends to provide a vaccine to the people by January 2021. 

Russia plans to approve its vaccine by August 10 and establish vaccination of the populace by ancient 2021. However, Alexander Sergeyev, president of the RAS, said before it will be necessary to monitor the vaccine-induced antibodies for at least six months to announce victory. 

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