Sian Clifford didn’t only bag a famous golden statue when she won a TV Bafta on Friday — she also got something more priceless. 

The actor has shown her Fleabag co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge gifted her the most famous godmother sculpture from the show to celebrate her win. 

Sian conquer Phoebe and other nominees to acquire Female Performance In A Comedy during the surreal occasion, which saw winners and nominees forced to appear from home over video connection.

Sian Clifford won Female Performance In A Comedy at the TV Baftas

She revealed they were watching the ceremony together, but had to different when they both had to call in the show to learn who’d won. 

Speaking after her win, Sian told the press: “There was solid feedback so we broke into our friend’s home down the road.

Sian and Phoebe as Claire and Fleabag

The sculpture, of the nude chest of Fleabag and also her sister’s late mother crafted by their godmother, is a fixture at the show.

Sian said she and Phoebe — who she has been friends with for more than 20 years — was ldquo;stuffing their faces” with vegan burgers during the ceremony as they ldquo;watched the show”, which came to a conclusion with its critically-acclaimed second show.

She included: “There’s a lot of history with this particular show, with my friendship with Phoebe.

“We have only championed every other because that afternoon and I just feel so lucky to have found her and have somebody who believes in me I believe in myself. ”

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