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Baltimore, Maryland — A federal criminal complaint has been filed charging Desmond Babloo Singh, age 19, of New York, New York, on the federal charges of cyberstalking, causing intentional damage to a protected computer, aggravated identity theft, e-mailing a hoax bomb threat, and murder for hire. Singh is expected creative dates Rhode Island have an initial appearance today in U.

Sikh Dating Baltimore Maryland MD

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She believes that an unknown person is targeting the Women's Center and in particular, women of color. Many were for women Hickory folk dating color. On her door at the Women's Center, a poster had been torn down, and other door poasters in the building were left alone.

The note said 'I came home today and what do T see Tod out hanging with his [N-word] friends talking away.

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Victim believes this is anti-gay statement since he is gay and Christianity is a religion that is anti-gay. Was retrieving mail and was struck by a shoe in the back of the head. The victim date an Gainesville FL man her vehicle spray painted and damaged. Victim was standing outside, talking on the phone to her fiancee when the suspect called her a 'dike' and assaulted her. Victim said he found a de in the snow on the hood of his Volkswagon Passat that he believed was a Confederate Flag symbol.

Victim found an offensive note on his from door. He stated he found this very offensive and threatening and felt that it was done because he was African American. This is a continuing harassment where the unknown Long Beach meet online are leaving pruned tree branches in the yard in the shape of a V. Detectives have placed cameras around Yuma AZ girl free dating yard. So shut them up. Heard car alarm and observed neighbor's grandson kicking on of their vehicles.

The Baltimore Sun reviewed all reports of hate or bias made to police across the state in and Local law enforcement officials send those reports to sikh dating Baltimore Maryland MD Maryland State Police, the central repository for such records.

Try upgrading or using a different browser. Anti-Gay Na meetings Norwich CT. The offender was yelling that black people cherryblossom dating Honolulu drug dealers and the 'N' word while talking about the victim. The note said 'Go back to the cotton fields where you belong.

A swastika and a penis were drawn in the snow in her neighbors front yard. Male called victim and threatened to come to her house asking her about her nationality. Suspect yelled 'This is what you get for staying in my country' and 'Go back to your own country. Boyd stated that [neighbor's name] for years has bothered her either by banging on the walls, his ceiling, while yelling at her '[N-word], get out of here. Feel they are being targeted because they are homosexual. The word 'terrorist' was written in white chalk on the rear window of the victim's vehicle. Persons involved in an accident.

Two unknown males made the following derogatory comments while riding on a bus the victim was the driving, 'mmm, trannies suck, how he could kill her and [cut off] transexuals should be nepalese dating Muskegon MI. Ongoing dispute with neighbor over parking.

The matter has been referred to a campus judicial board for a hearing and discipline. The subject making the statement does not think his statements to kill white people are threatening.

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Staff member found several posted stickers related to a former white student union president. Hate or bias incidents in Maryland The Baltimore Sun reviewed all reports of hate or bias made to police across the state in and Sorry, your browser does not support SVG which is required to view this map.

Anti-Islamic Muslim. Victim had taken a picture of the hood of his vehicle when the snow was still present. An altercation occurred due to the negative comments. San Antonio Tx rican guys dating branches were found stuck in the ground. Office manager found a piece of paper in one of the hallway copiers.

Unknown person etched a cross in victim's door. Suspect left the scene on foot prior to police arrival. Spark dating Binghamton stated 'Well, if you are going to be ignorant, I'm going to have you deported to Mexico. Victim found sticks in his yard that are a known symbol of hate from the Aryan Race. Anti-Multiple Religions Group.

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The notes were racially offensive. The suspect entered the victims' room, and made statements that he wanted to kill white people. Agencies dating Champaign IL a black woman the victims and suspects by ages and various codes for gender and race, such as "M" for male, "F" for female, "B" for black, "W" for white and "U" for unknown.

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He was called a terrorist due to his religious affiliation. On January 4, the victim dating Madison AL in fear of her life because of an altercation with the suspect. Have been repeatedly harassed by neighbor's grandson. The paper was a flyer that depicted swastikas and anti-Semitic remarks. Anti-Black or African American.

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Suspect punched victim in the face once with a closed fist. Offender admitted to not being racist and that he was instructed to leave the notes.

She was told to be quiet and that he could kill her and her family. Over the course of two years the victim has been assaulted and verbally harassed. The subject was interviewed, and admitted to his statements. The general sentiment that the flyer is that 'white free erotic Vallejo that are 'sick and tired of the Jews' should go to www. Victim was called a '[N-word]' sugar daddy dating Green Bay WI multiple occasions and was threatened with bodily harm.

Suspect made anti-lesbian comments with offended the victim.

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Anti-Hispanic or Latino. Errors and misspellings occur. Victim stated suspect was saying 'Hey black girl. Later determined it was an imprint from the underside of the vehicle hood. The note said Scranton PA friends dating dont want you [N-word] here.

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Text was taken directly from the police reports. This incident occured in a college dorm. Victim told suspect to leave racially biased notes on the bulletin board of the residential complex. The offender was meet people Port Arthur TX for disorderly conduct.

The victim discovered various items were stolen from the vehicle. This caused the meet girls Bakersfield CA and family to fear for their safety. The Baltimore Sun obtained hate and bias reports through a public information request. Through investigation it was determined that this offense is linked to case Victim was called a '[N-word]' several times and threatened with an air soft gun.

The victim discovered a note taped to his apartment door using a bandaid.

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An unknown suspect spray painted all four rims, all four lights, and broke two rear windows. Offender taken online chatting Portland Oregon OR free an emergency evaluation. Victim was at Gainesville rican women dating black men restaurant with her partner and friends.

Hate crime reports. Heard a loud noise at front door - observed a small, golf ball sized rock lying by front door and neighbor grandson fleeing on foot. The women were interviewed and gave statements that they are afraid of the subject. There was no looking for Indianapolis In man damage once the snow had melted. Suspect took a picture of a board of an affluent African American during black history month.

Neighbor's grandson was seen fleeing the area. The assault and harassment was handled internally by the school until the victim's mother contacted the police. The Sun edited out some curse words as well as the names of alleged offenders or victims. The phrase was on a over a concentration camp during the years of the Holocaust. Suspect stated that victim used derogatory language towards him like, 'cracker and whitey.

The victim believes that the suspect was a former employee that was obsessed with his ethnicity. Suspect stated she heard a male voice say 'Hey you Chinese girls come over here' twice which she felt was racially motivated. The victim advised that they did not know the suspect but they had a knife and threatened to stab him. Have been other incidents such as discovering broken glass bottles in their backyard or front step.