You can book an one-night stay in the last Blockbuster store (Picture: Airbnb)

2020 has been… not great.

So we’ d understand if you want to dive straight back into the comfy, cosy nostalgia cocoon of the 90s.

Handily enough, Airbnb is here to help, as the world’ s last remaining Blockbuster store has been turned into holiday spot.

The store’ s manager, Sandi Harding, has listed the store on Airbnb for people to guide a stay in Deschutes County, Oregon.

It looks comfier than just nestling in amongst the video-packed shelves. There’ s a proper sofa and a fold-out bed, bean bags, and a big-screen TV where you can watch all your favourite 90s classics or play old-school games.

There are 90s American snacks, of course, with Raisinets, Doritos, and Nerds lining the shelves and available to grab.

A night in the store costs around the same as a movie rental at $4 (Picture: Airbnb)
You can take your pick of all the best 90s films upon VHS (Picture: Airbnb)

The idea is that rather than just booking the store as a base with regard to your holiday adventures, you use it to have the ultimate 90s movie night.

The stay is close to the price of an old video rental at $4 (£3. 07) a night, but there is a catch: the Blockbuster Airbnb won’ t be around forever.

On 17 August, bookings will open for three one-night stays , available regarding up to four people each night.

The three nights available are September 18, 19 and 20.

Of course, the stays are all coronavirus-compliant. Only four people from a social bubble will be allowed to book a stay, and the property will be cleaned prior in order to your arrival in accordance with Airbnb’ s Enhanced Cleaning Protocol.

Yep, that’ s a pull-out sofa (Picture: Airbnb)

Guests will also be provided with face coverings, disinfectant wipes, plus ‘ endless’ hand sanitiser.

After the final guests check out, Block customers can check away the living room space during store hours for a limited time, then it will close back up again.

If you aren’ t blessed enough to snag one of those bookings and aren’ t able to swing by intended for a visit, there are other ways to get involved within the Blockbuster throwback.

The store has launched a service that they call the Callgorithm, which basically means if you call them up and tell them the films you like and don’ to like, actual humans will give you the movie recommendation. Sweet.

You may also buy Blockbuster themed merch through the store’ s online shop .

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