Latest updates: Cabinet Office minister says easing depends on R value coming down; Labour leader says schools should stay open

12.42pm GMT

Although Sir Keir Starmer chose not to explicitly argue that more people would die because Boris Johnson ignored Labour’s call for a lockdown in September when he was interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning (see 12.22pm), Joe Anderson, the Labour mayor of Liverpool, did make that case in an interview this morning on BBC Breakfast. Asked for his reaction to the PM’s decision to announce a lockdown, Anderson said he felt “a mixture of emotions”. He went on:

One, of clear confusion as to why the prime minister and this government never responded to Sage on September 21 and acted then.

So, relief that it’s finally been done but real contempt has been shown by this government for the people who advised for it [another lockdown], Sage, and also leaders like me and others that were calling for it six, seven weeks ago.

12.26pm GMT

Here is video of Sir Keir Starmer telling Andrew Marr that schools must remain open.

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