Latest updates: Department for Education says it set out rules on PCR tests in document last month

3.40pm GMT

NHS England has recorded 101 further coronavirus hospital deaths. The details are here.

A week ago today the equivalent figure was 127.

3.10pm GMT

The Downing Street lobby briefing did not just cover pupils and lateral flow tests. (See 1.23pm.) Here are the other lines that emerged.

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We have been clear that we think the 1% pay rise is what is affordable. I’m not going to comment on speculation. We’ve set out what we think is affordable, it’s now for the pay review body to look at that and look at the other evidence and come forward with their recommendation.

In our negotiations, it was clear right from the start that there was no world in which the EU would eliminate all trade barriers with the UK, unless we accepted the wholesale application of their rules and laws with no say in them.

There will be no palisade of tariffs on January 1. And there will be no non-tariff barriers to trade.

Conservative party funds are not being used to pay for any refurbishment of the Downing Street estate.

We know that there is improvement to come in the years ahead when he – who knows when this comes – when we have promotions to cabinet. He does accept that he would like to improve how representative his cabinet is of the population at large.

He is the prime minister and he works a very long day. He has a huge workload and I don’t think he will be taking paternity leave.

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