Latest updates: health secretary speaks in Commons after news Brazil variant ‘can evade 25% to 61% of protection gained from first infection’

1.43pm GMT

In the Commons Yvette Cooper, the Labour chair of the home affairs committee, asks why the government is not testing new arrivals when they arrive in the UK.

Hancock says these Brazilian cases would have been caught by the hotel quarantine policy now in place.

1.37pm GMT

This is what Matt Hancock told MPs about the search for the person who produced the sixth positive test featuring the P1 Brazilian virus. The people who produced the other five P1 tests have been identified. Hancock said:

Unfortunately one of these six cases completed a test but didn’t successfully complete the contact details. Incidents like this are rare and only occur in around 0.1% for tests.

I can update the house on the latest information in identifying this case. We’ve identified the batch of home test kits in question. Our search has narrowed from the whole country down to 379 households in the south-east of England and we are contacting each one.

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