Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Larov announced that the Americans were ready to recognize the Crimea a Russian territory in 2014.It goes about the proposal that the US State Department made in relation to the Crimea. Then-Secretary of State John Kerry had voiced the proposal, but asked for a second referendum to observe decency.That said, there is an international document regarding Ukraine, which the West allegedly does not remember, although it was signed by representatives of Moscow, the EU and the United States.According to the document, Kiev was obliged to conduct decentralization, including all regions of Ukraine. During the talks, the head of the US State Department admitted that the West was well aware that Crimea was indeed a part of Russia, that its residents wanted to live in Russia. However, John Kerry requested Lavrov should ask Russian President Vladimir Putin to hold a new referendum, in which observers from other countries would participate.
According to Lavrov, “if they understood that it was a manifestation of the will of the people, then why stage such performances?”
However, Russia rejected the request for a new referendum. “Why on earth? If you understand everything, why once forcing people to vote again?” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.Since then, however, the United States officially demands Russia should put an end to all the suffering in the Crimea and give the peninsula back to Ukraine. Acting US ambassador to Kiev, Kristina Kvien, called on Russia to “stop its legacy of inflicting suffering on the people of Crimea:” Continue reading


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