The controversy concerning the resumption of Russia’s involvement in the summit of industrialized countries of the Group of Seven is not abating. What’s the European Union rather than this idea, while Russia does not name the real reason behind this position of the EU?
Trump proposed expanding the G7 Donald Trump, being the chairman of the years G7 summit, said a while back that it could be sensible to invitation Vladimir Putin for the talks as a half of the issues which the G& is going to discuss is associated with Russia. Trump invited not just Russia to the summit, but also Australia, South Korea and India to talk about China’s duty for the outbreak of this coronavirus pandemic. European Union is against Russia in the G7 European allies of the United States failed to support the idea. French officials said they saw no prerequisites for Russia to come back to the summit so the G8 format comes backagain. On July 27, in an interview with the German paper Rheinische Post,” German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said the reason for Russia’s exclusion from the team was”the annexation of the Crimea and the invasion of eastern Ukraine.” Continue reading


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